Bird pins made of scrap materials by Japanese Americans held in internment camps during World War II.

From The Art of Gaman: Arts & Crafts from the Japanese American Internment Camps 1942-1946 by Delphine Hirasuna (Ten Speed Press, 2005).

Gaman is a Japanese term of Zen Buddhist origin which means “enduring the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity”.

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Lithprint on old soviet Berezka RC paper.

An old border post from the 1930s between Poland and Czechoslovakia in the Carpathians. Now the territory of Ukraine. The highest ridge in the Ukrainian Carpathians


I'm rediscovering,
That I too am made of Iron.
So here I sit,
And here I remember
That although a docile thing-
My heart is a blast furnace.

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Japanese company Takiko is selling a “wearable beanbag cushion” that lets you plop down & rest anywhere. Touted as “the cushion that takes you out - anywhere, anytime”, it didn’t sell at all until going viral on social media recently. It can be yours for the low price of ¥17,800.

Bluebottles and the like 

#Dogwalking miscellany

A blue, #beachcombing edition.

#Hydrozoans and #Gastropods

The first image is the beautiful radial skeleton of the Blue Button, or Porpita porpita, a colony organism (when alive), made up of cooperating hydroids. It drifts in the surface waters, using its stinging tentacles to capture small copepods, but will also hunt crabs and fish.
Next is the bluebottle, Physalia utricula, well known on Australian beaches. It's also a colony organism with stinging tentacles.
The next two are mollusks, one with and one without a shell, both preying on the former pair.
The first is the beautiful violet sea snail, Janthina janthina, a free-floating mollusk that uses a raft of bubbles to keep it on the surface where it preys on hydrozoa. (unlike the others, this was taken back home with my D700, not the iPhone3GS).
The second is the spectacular nudibranch Glaucus atlanticus, Sea swallow or Sea dragon. This predator cunningly saves and stores the nematocysts, or stinging barbs, from its prey and uses them to defend itself, so picking one up with bare hands can result in a stings just as painful as a bluebottle.
Unfortunately this last picture is very poor quality, being made in a hurry with an iPhone 3GS, and with the animal out of the water so that its branching arms are collapsed.
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Reblogging this one bc I really like how it turned out. It holds the tension between resolution and unfinishedness, which for me is always the aim.

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