I've finally finished the first level of Craft The World's (game) campaign AFTER 13 HOURS. Goddamn that was super hard! Not sure if worth it but I can finally sleep!

You don't need a VPN on Hulu. They content servers doesn't check IP's location. You just need to spoof your device's location (GPS spoofing, browser sensor override, etc.)

I am able to play Hulu content (movies, TV shows, even live TV) from my phone and browser by spoofing my location.

Don't install firefox from AUR, it redownloads the binary every new update. Firefox already includes its own update feature that downloads only a diff of the updates.

In Linux/Mac, if you can't paste text inside a workaround I did is to input a text like REPLACEME first, save that setting, then find the file with that text in your ~/.kodi directory. Open that on your fave text editor and paste whatever you need to paste. Should be similar on Windows.


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