One Piece (ch1024) 

If Kaido wants to kill Yamato that much, then why now and not at any time in the last 20 years?

One Punch Man (ch147) 

Finally some Garou action!

One Piece (ch1015) 

This "voice of all things" thing is getting out of hand.

One Piece (ch1014) 

Why shouldn't Momonosuke die? What can be possibly in the diary that needs him alive?

My Name 

It would be so great if the samurai had brought down Kaido. Too bad that it's most likely not the case.

New Onigashima Project 

When I first read the spoilers, I thought that Orochi went down too easily.
Then I read the manga and I realized that Kaido cut only one head of the eight :)

Finally a good twist. I wish Ivankov was in Wano too 😁

We'll save the banquet for later! 

Finally some action. Also Kaido's men start to become too way too many already, and they weren't even introduced yet. So unless half of them don't betray him ASAP, then we'll get too many boring fights.

One Punch Man (ch128) 

Magnificent build up of tension to the next chapter when Tatsumaki won't need to hold back any more :D Full power, fuck yeah

The Kouzuki Clan (ch973) 

Here we go, a full chapter waster on getting a big revelation that everybody knew already anyway...

Fool of a Lord (ch969) 

OK, I get it. Oda miscalculated the years a bit and now he needed to add some time between Oden arriving home and being executed. but like this?!

there is no way that somebody as strong as Oden couldn't defeat somebody like that shitty old geezer even with an impenetrable barrier.

there is no way that somebody like Oden would just stop trying after the first glance

there is no way that Oden would act like a fool just because of one of Orochi's lies

Finally Clashing! The Ferocious Luffy vs. Kaido! (ep914) 

I can't believe that they fucking filled the Luffy vs Kaido fight with filler.

The Kurozumi Clan Conspiracy (ch965) 

Just end these flashbacks. Please!

Melting Away (ch124) 

I wonder if the big plot twist of the next chapters will be that Eren's plan is actually to kill everybody to achieve peace.

Oden's Adventures (ch964) 

what a reveal! I guess he'll join Roger's crew soon.


Samurai (ch959) 

well at least those idiots will stop blabbing about Kanjuro being Orochi's spy, as he had zero information about the Sunny.

From You, 2000 Years Ago (ch122) 

Unexpected turn of events funally followed by the unexpected unexpected turn of events. Yay.

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