Nouvelle version d'#Amaroq (client #mastodon pour #iPhone) qui passe en 1.1.
Elle gère désormais plusieurs comptes/instances.

#Amaroq の通知がたまに変になるけどFAQ見たらおかしいときはアプリ再起動してって書いてあった

#Amaroq tip regarding v1.3.x: you can access your authorized followers by going to Account Preferences through the app. Although not ideal in a mobile setting it works if you're one of those hardcore mobile only types.

@ataylory I'm using #Amaroq for iOS. Not sure about the android apps. @eurasierboy is the maker of that one.

With how addicted I am to updates, (I run every iOS, WatchOS, tvOS, MacOS beta + TestFlight betas such as #Amaroq), will always been one of the most up to date instances on #Mastodon!

あとは文字サイズ変更と、他インスタンスtootの画像が見えないバグが修正されれば完璧。 #Amaroq



i like that #amaroq has a big edit button in the middle-bottom, but i dont like you need to tap-refresh upon first selecting federated button. #mastodon-ios doesnt have the latter issue, but i dont like the tiny edit button in the upper left... anyhoo, #WeGotOptions 😸

The last #amaroq update is good. I wish I didn't forget the username of the dev so I could thank them directly D:

Either I forgot my password or #Amaroq doesn't support 2FA. Can't tell which.

#Amaroq thing: when you pull up someone's profile, the follow/unfollow button is on the upper left hand side and the X to exit the profile & return to the prior screen is on the upper right hand side. BUT! "Back" generally is on the upper left hand side. Maybe, in profile view, swap the follow/unfollow button and the X/exit profile view for more consistency?

If you've updated to the new #Amaroq and are wondering where your Local Timeline went, don't worry. Go to Federated Timeline. In the top right there's a mode switcher to toggle between Federated and Local.