#さくら のクラウドの中で #インスタンス 同士がやり取りすれば、証券取引所の高速回転取引のようなもので #mastodon の帯域が節約できる :p
おひとり鯖の #TOOT も仮想化して共通の領域のTOOTを拾いに行くURL 例えば だけ保持すれば例のエロ絵EU侵犯も回避できる?なんか昔のWEB cash 鯖だな。

Bon je vois que ça se peuple trankillou 😎 Grosse migration de Twittos mdrrr. Ah ils ont été un peu réfractaires au début mais 500 caractères,la notoriété internationale grandissante de #Mastodon ont déniaisé les plus obtus 🤣

One thing I really like about #Mastodon is that we can actually have thoughtful discussions on serious issues. The 500 character limit allows for that way more than Twitter's 140 ever could.

Like, the conversations I'm having about #anarchy would be impossible on Twitter. Anarchists wouldn't have the space to educate me and everyone else would just call me a fucking commie and call it a day.

Who has data on who much resources (storage, memory, processing, bandwidth) #Mastodon needs when an instance starts scaling up in terms of active users?

#adminhelp #adminneedhelp @Gargron @Support

Dites les sorcières, je suis le·a seul·e à avoir une erreur 500 quand je rentre l’URL d’un sort dans la barre de recherche ?

#Mastodon #WitchesTown

Ready to run MMD Instance on Mastodon.

Not only MMDer.

We invite everyone interested in MMD.


There was a disturbing thread this week. It was bad., one of the earliest and largest instances, is rapidly being added to instance blocklists around the #fediverse. @milan should not have defended the harassing user, but he has apologized and berated the user.

~6k users are now blocked and likely don't realize it or know why.

I don't see this being good for the health of the #Mastodon #federation.

#Tweeter tweete au loin les plus sonores !
#Mastodon met simplement les p(ou)êts de chacun à égalité.

Il y a un truc magique avec #Mastodon, cela arrive parfois, pas souvent, une communauté d'esprit qui se crée, la détection d'affinités ; et ça, cela n'arrive pas sur le mainstream

where is the best place to find consolidated, up to date list of #Mastodon instances?

The #Mastodon #federation needs rule of law. Not laws.

Laws say what you can or can't do. Most instances have codes of conduct etc covering this.

Rule of law is transparent, universal, consistent application of law. It's why the president and Congress are not immune from the law (though, yes, they can write laws which exempt themselves). It's why we value stare decisis, conduct trials in public, have opportunities for appeal, etc.

We need it if we care about the #fediverse being just & fair.

#Tweeter tweets away the loudest ones !
#Mastodon simply allows everyone to fart the same.

Premier débat #TeamRafael/#TeamMichael sur #Mastodon ! :D On retrouve la base sur tous les réseaux sociaux, en fait ! 😂 #JaneTheVirgin

Maybe I missed it, or am thinking of #diaspora but isn't there a way to have tags show up in your home or whatnot?

Still comparing the two. I will admit with @kensanata that there is a lower barrier of entry in #mastodon; #gettingstarted is easier, and federation seems smoother but more advanced options seem easier to access in diaspora.

#GS vs #Mastodon, and probably, somewhere in the back #PostActiv is giggling. I like that I was introduced to #OStatus through Mastodon, All that matters is that we are able to have conversations and choose whatever floats our boat to achieve that. No?

Pendant ce temps, Gargron, le créateur de #Mastodon, commence à avoir un bon salaire sur #Patreon.
Question naïve, c'est fiscalisé ce salaire ?